School Daze      Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas   24" X 36"                        $6,000

A conglomeration of memories in a single classroom context representing my school daze (and yes, it was a daze), 12 years of which were spent in Catholic Schools, the latter four confined in an all boys high school. I did get a bit carried away the the scene including around 70 students which was in fact considerably larger than the average classroom size. It did seem like that amount of activity though, at any given moment, and visually appears correct to my mind's recollection.

               Honorable Mention

School Daze starred in the San Diego Art Institute's Mid-Winter Juried Show in December 2014, San Diego Museum of Art’s Artist Guild’s Centennial Members’ Exhibition (June 2015) & Mission Federal Artwalk in April 2015.