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Ian & Valerie McNary   valemcnary@gmail.com
01-05-2017 5:25:30 PM CST
We were the purchasers of the mixed medium painting "Pipeline". Our company is Valian-T Ventures Ltd., we have worked as Right of Way Acquisition Specialists for many years and have been IRWA members for about 20 years. The painting has a place of honor above my Husband's Desk. It has found a truly appreciative home. Thank-You

deirdre gibbs   dhailey1968@gmail.com
10-03-2015 7:36:08 PM CST
Dear Mr.Anthony, I recently aquired an oil painting done in 1970 signed by a JP Anthony. I told it was done by an art student from SIU. The model is allegedly Jean Bell in the nude, a young black female, who later rose to fame in Playboy and movies. If you believe this to be one of your earlier paintings please contact me. The painting was damaged and i am wanting to restore it if possible. Thank you, Deirdre Gibbs

Mickey   mrzeichick@cox.net
04-23-2010 4:04:25 PM CST
You have captured many varied emotions and attitudes in your various works of art. Each character has a story to tell ...

Jake B
03-17-2009 6:22:11 PM CST
I like it all.