Readers on Desert       Acrylic Painting        36" X 36"                     $4,000

This piece was originally painted in 1998 as a straight 2-D painting, but reworked in 2015 utilizing some of the more recent 3-D techniques the artist now favors. The original is below.  This is a picture of the artist and his wife in an imaginary desert scene.  She requested a few changes to her outfit, since I was improving it anyway.  I used an actual Anasazi sherd to cover the original date and threw a few more in to balance it. This is one of the reason I no longer include the date. I attached a few other 3-D objects strategically to enhance the 3-D effect.


1998 Version

The 2015 vesion was accepted into the (Con)Text, Rethinking Language in Art, curated exhibition at the San Diego Art Institute in mid-summer 2015. The "Sunday Funnies" painting next to it is also one of mine.